Duluth Campus


Year One 2017 - 2018

Mon Aug/14/2017
Tue Aug/15/2017
Wed Aug/16/2017
Thu Aug/17/2017
Fri Aug/18/2017
Sat Aug/19/2017
Sun Aug/20/2017
7 :00 AM
8 :00 AM
9 :00 AM
10 :00 AM
11 :00 AM
12 :00 PM
1 :00 PM
2 :00 PM
3 :00 PM
4 :00 PM
5 :00 PM
6 :00 PM
08:16 AM-08:19 AM Orient.:
Center for American Indian & Minority Hlth
Mary Owen
08:20 AM-08:29 AM Orient.:
UMD Foundation
Heather Heart
11:01 AM-11:29 AM Orient.:
Curriculum Overview & Yr 1
Alan Johns
08:40 AM-08:49 AM Orient.:
Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action
James Keith
08:00 AM-08:10 AM Orient.:
Welcome to Medical School
Robin Michaels,Paula Termuhlen
08:50 AM-09:39 AM Orient.:
Blackbag & Technology Overview
Aaron Verhel,David Hallberg,Jason Schneeweis
11:30 AM-11:59 AM Orient.:
Family Medicine Community Preceptorship
James Boulger,Emily Onello
10:50 AM-10:59 AM Orient.:
Paying for Medical School
Dina Flaherty
10:00 AM-10:49 AM Orient.:
Med School: The Road Map Across Four Years
Robin Michaels
12:00 PM-01:29 PM Orient.:
Tours of UMD Campus and Medical School Duluth
02:15 PM-02:45 PM Orient.:
Professionalism in Medicine
Ruth Westra,Ray Christensen
01:30 PM-02:14 PM Orient.:
Welcome to Medicine, Intro to Rural FMed & RMSP
Ray Christensen,Ruth Westra
08:11 AM-08:15 AM Orient.:
Duluth Campus Community
Lendley Black
08:30 AM-08:39 AM Orient.:
External Affairs & Alumni Relations
Alyssa Dindorf,Christiana Kapsner
09:40 AM-09:49 AM Orient.:
Research Opportunities for Med Students
Cathy McCarty
02:46 PM-04:30 PM Orient.:
Optional Access to the IT Team for Computer and Access Concerns
Jason Schneeweis
08:00 AM-08:50 AM Orient.:
Practice Exam to Test Your Computer Software
Jason Schneeweis,David Hallberg,Brad Ingersoll
11:30 AM-12:59 PM Orient.:
Pictures - Lunch on your own
09:00 AM-09:29 AM Orient.:
Intro to Learning Communities (LC)
Robin Michaels
09:30 AM-10:29 AM Orient.:
Patient Encounters (In LC grps)
Jennifer Pearson,Emily Onello,Ruth Westra,Ray Christensen
10:30 AM-11:29 AM Orient.:
Grp Presentations by LC
Ruth Westra,Jennifer Pearson,Ray Christensen,Emily Onello
02:15 PM-03:15 PM Orient.:
Ethical Challenges Students Face in Medical School
Jennifer Pearson,Robin Michaels,Ruth Westra
02:00 PM-02:14 PM Orient.:
Honor Council
Jennifer Pearson
01:00 PM-01:59 PM Orient.:
Introduction to Giving and Receiving Feedback
Emily Onello,Ruth Westra,Robin Michaels
10:51 AM-11:29 AM Orient.:
Social Determiants of Health: Recording ~ Commissioner Ehlinger, MN Dept. of Hlth
12:00 PM-12:59 PM Orient.:
BYO Lunch w/Med's Declassified/Bingo (student led)
09:00 AM-09:50 AM Orient.:
Policies of the Medical School
Alan Johns,Robin Michaels
10:00 AM-10:50 AM Orient.:
Introduction to Health Science Library TC
Connie Bongiorno
01:00 PM-01:50 PM Rural FMED:
Rural Community Assessment
Ruth Westra
02:00 PM-02:50 PM Rural FMED:
Rural Reading Discussion in Rural Community Experience Grps
Jennifer Pearson,Ruth Westra,Emily Onello,Ray Christensen,Amy Greminger
11:30 AM-11:59 AM Orient.:
Tribal Communities in Minnesota
Mary Owen
07:00 AM-06:30 PM Rural FMED:
Rural Med Experience
Ruth Westra,Amy Greminger,Mary Owen,Emily Onello,Ray Christensen,Jennifer Pearson,James Boulger
08:30 AM-08:59 AM Orient.:
Intro to Foundations of Medicine Course
Aubie Shaw
11:00 AM-11:59 AM Orient.:
White Coat Rehearsal
Robin Michaels
12:00 PM-12:59 PM Orient.:
Coping with the Challenges of Medical School
09:00 AM-09:45 AM Orient.:
Study Skills for Medical School
Phyllis Lindberg
01:00 PM-01:55 PM Rural FMED:
Small Grps: Debriefing Rural Community Experiences
Tim Stratton,Mary Owen,Amy Greminger,Ray Christensen,Jennifer Pearson,Paul Ranelli PhD
02:00 PM-02:50 PM Rural FMED:
Preparing Grp Presentations on Rural Experience
Ruth Westra
09:46 AM-10:15 AM Orient.:
Wellness Interest Inventory (student led)
10:16 AM-10:59 AM Orient.:
Introduction to Class Offices & Interest Groups (student led)
11:00 AM-03:50 PM Orient.:
White Coat Ceremony w/Reception to Follow

Year Two 2017 - 2018

Mon Aug/14/2017
Tue Aug/15/2017
Wed Aug/16/2017
Thu Aug/17/2017
Fri Aug/18/2017
Sat Aug/19/2017
Sun Aug/20/2017
2 :00 PM
3 :00 PM
4 :00 PM
5 :00 PM
02:30 PM-05:30 PM RAL II:

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